The Circular Economy

Our current linear economy takes too many materials from the earth and makes products that will eventually be deemed as waste. In A Circular Economy we design out waste at the beginning stages of the design process and consider the end use of a product. Circular design focuses on sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.

We aim to be a lead in local environmental sustainability through our design lab. We connect and listen to our local community on a grassroots level by fostering our historical connection with Regent Park and our growing community of people, experts, businesses, and academics. 

Offering opportunities, moments, and spaces more authentically by inviting design-led programing that empowers our local community through connecting people, ideas, skills and knowledge. 

This is design for A Circular Economy.

Our bag collection is one example of how our design lab contributes to A Circular Economy. 

By approaching big problems like climate change and social isolation through design re-thinking we can create a better future for society and the natural world. 

Creating alternative economies anchored in skillsets while considering environmental impacts during the design process by diverting local waste from landfills.

Introducing production of innovative sustainable products and sharing our findings with our community.

This is Partnership

We work closely with Cadillac Fairview employees to explore environmental sustainability by repurposing store fixtures to researching consistent internal waste streams for programing opportunities. Together we are transforming communities through design for A Circular Economy and Social Innovation. 

"The cycle starts here"  

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