We use Co-design for positive social good and environmental sustainability by creating impactful community opportunities using design for A Circular Economy.

Ranee Lee's research on untapped immigrant skills and her seven year-long relationship with the Regent Park Community is embedded in our lab.  Her off-site OCAD U Circular Design class visited and designed with the  Regent Park Sewing Studio and revealed the need for collaborative work between designers and communities. Through Co-design we employ two women from the Regent Park Sewing Studio to design and produce research and products from our Design Lab. We work with people to create local alternative employment and opportunities for underserved community members for their valuable lived experience, skills and knowledge. 

Co-design process

Design out waste

Circular design starts with designing out waste. We look for local continuous waste streams to create sustainable inflows of valuable materials. 

Material Exploration

In our lab we explore different making processes through upcycling that lend to the integrity of the material.


We explore form and function with the community to investing in local skills and knowledge. 

Circular Products

We co-design products that consider people and the environment.