July 28 – August 4, 2022

Window Installation

The aim of this exhibition is to showcase a circular design model which positively contributes to the global goals for the climate crisis, and works to disrupt the linear take-make-dispose economic model currently in place. The circular economy is an industrial system which is restorative or regenerative by design, reuses natural resources as efficiently as possible, and finds value through products’ life cycles. The success of the circular economy will depend on the adoption of a completely new approach to the way products are designed, produced, and consumed. 

This exhibition serves to share the ideas of first year OCAD University industrial design students on Circular Design, for us all to imagine how we can solve the problem together. 

Faculty Supervisors: Bernhard Dietz, Ranee Lee, Reza Mortezaei, Kaija Vogel
Research Assistant: Deanna Badi

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