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NEW Design Incubator 

In partnership with Cadillac Fairview Toronto Eaton Centre, and OCAD University our design incubator explores the intersection of circular design and social good through design.

Our Design Incubator, part design studio, and part exhibition space welcomes corporations, academia, and the community to research, learn, and share this exploration through classes, exhibitions, and workshops

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Design can be the connection

that joins us together...

We are a creative collective of experts, designers and community members that transforms communities through participatory design. 

We bring together academia, corporations and community members to share in the design process by learning from one another for positive lasting social change. 

DESIGNwith creates space for this exploration with ways to disrupt the economy using innovative and circular methods for production and consumption.

We are a design lab that works locally, because we believe small things have the answers to large problems...

What sparked DESIGNwith was a need for space and time for co-creation and time for participatory design without the constraints of a classroom. Through off-site learning, Founder Ranee Lee saw the value of sharing lived experiences to produce innovative, new and sometimes surprising outcomes. Often it is the small things that have the answers to large problems. There is so much we can learn from each other, especially when we join diverse groups with different experiences and backgrounds. 

The design process is a great tool for innovation and new ways of thinking and learning. Together, at the intersection of corporation, academia, and the community we created a dedicated space for design innovation that allows us to connect, inspire and collaborate, together. 

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NEW DESIGNwith Incubator 

Located on the second level of CF Toronto Eaton Centre, DESIGNwith sits between Dundas West Station and Marks.