The future of design is collaborative, considered and life centred.

Our values based creative collective transforms communities by bringing Academia, Corporations, and the Community together through design. Creating an equitable design intersection by designing with people for A Circular Economy and Social Innovation.

Founded by Ranee Lee, Associate Professor of Industrial Design at OCAD University, DESIGNwith is the outcome of the ongoing pursuit of best practices for Co-design research for social good. In partnership with Cadillac Fairview Toronto Eaton Center and OCAD University we opened our doors June 2022.

Our Approach : An incubator and a sandbox

Innovation requires space and time to 

work and grow - that is the incubator.  

Our Design lab incubates ideas and facilitates design thinking through making. We create space for experiences, and connections by addressing current environmental impacts while exploring sustainable futures through design thinking and production.

Teach & Learn 

Through our programing we teach our community about the circular design process from theory to fabrication through application. 

Sustainable Products 

We introduce innovative sustainable products through research, prototyping and sharing our findings with our community through programing and product lines.

We see 'needs' as design opportunities and for design to be a tool to help solve injustices and inequalities. Collectively, our design approach needs to include those who have not been invited to be table. 

Ranee Lee's research on untapped community skills and her seven year-long relationship with the Regent Park Community is embedded in our lab. Through Co-design we employ two women from the Regent Park Sewing Studio to design and produce research and products from our Design Lab. 

We seek to democratize the learnings of design knowledge by sharing the design process with ways to disrupt the economy through research, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions for positive social good. Our collective welcomes people from all disciplines to collaborate in design-led social innovation for A Circular Economy. 

We’re located in one of Canada’s largest and accessible malls. You can find our design lab in the North corridor of the Cadillac Fairview Toronto Eaton Centre located on Level 2 beside H&M, Mark’s and Canadian Tire.

Accessible through the Yonge Street entrance by escalator or stairs as well as through the Best Buy entrance with both elevators and escalators.

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