OCADUxYSM 2017-2018  

OCADUxYSM: Elevation Through Creative Collaboration was a design project using soft goods to combat the growing inequalities in Toronto, which prides itself on being a vibrant and world-class city that provides opportunities for all its citizens to participate in its prosperity. However, we are facing growing inequality – with an ever-growing gap between the rich vs poor, with recent immigrants, single mothers and racialized groups facing disproportionately higher risk to poverty than their neighbours.

The social innovation approach is to elevate the designs and offerings the sewing collective have for the market. By creating more opportunities for more women in their communities to contribute to their family’s livelihood, better prospects are created for their children. Only by approaching community differently, can we expect to achieve different results.


Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2018



Gallery Exhibition

OCADU Grad Gallery  

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