DESIGNwith is a creative collective.  



We are a creative collective using design to make connections. Connection of ideas, people and communities. Connection of ideas to people to communities. Design reveals connections seen, unseen and unforeseen. Design is the rhizomatic connection that joins us together.

We are trying not to be distracted by the shiny.

We don’t see assets as opportunities, rather we see needs as opportunities.
We are a design lab that works locally, because we believe small things have the answers to large problems. Answers that come from collective impact and insights. We are looking for the subversive and designing ways to make the lesser into something greater.

If you set the table, they will come….

Design can be social justice: People’s narratives and deep knowledge from lived experiences, together with designers and other professionals is the intersection for disruptive design methodology to produce innovative outcomes. We want to cultivate differences because we believe that tension brings value and deeper understanding. Through participatory design, codesign and design research, we seek to look for weak signals that can become solutions to big problems.
DESIGNwith sets a table, a physical and metaphorical space, and is an explicitly social enterprise design incubator.


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